Thursday, April 14, 2005

Help Pick the New Greek Advisor

Hey, it's Andy from over at CalStuff... "Frat" Boy lent me the keys to this place a while ago, and I'm finally getting around to take it out for a test drive. Time permitting, expect me to spend some time over here discussing some of the big news currently occurring within the Greek System here at Berkeley (and some suggestions about how to bring about some positive change).

The first news I wanted to pass on, as a follow up to the post below, is that the horrendously delayed process of bringing in some new advisors is finally drawing to a close. Someone from OSL was at the President's Council meeting tonight, and she said they are currently reviewing four applicants for the top position. She will be sending out brief bios on those candidates, and I will pass those on to you when they are available.

More importantly, OSL either highly values student input when making this selection, or is pretending to in order to humor us students (I have no idea which it is). To that end, there will be four interview sessions with the prospective candidates, that OSL is strongly encouraging students to attend. Here are the details on those meetings:

  • Monday, April 18th, 12-1pm 36 Sproul Hall
  • Tuesday, April 19th 12-1pm 333 Sproul Hall
  • Thursday, April 21st 12-1pm 333 Sproul Hall
  • Monday, April 25th 12-1pm 333 Sproul Hall
Crucially, there will be food at these sessions, and although that hasn't been finalized, I definitely heard something about cheese, which bodes well. Cheeseboard... cheesy sticks... it's all good!


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