Monday, May 09, 2005

the worst of times?

So, Andy beat me to it...
my first post is about the letter [e-mail] writing requesting an increased dialogue between Greek leadership and university officials, considering the particularly alarming nature of recent public comments. A shorter sample letter is below.

Dear Chancellor Birgeneau,

Recently, rumors in the Greek Community have abounded that a moratorium on alcohol is impending. These rumors have been fueled by media attention in which high-ranking University officials have consistently mentioned the possibility—even likelihood—of a moratorium. As a member of the Greek Community, I feel that there are many valid arguments as to why this moratorium is ill-timed, unreasonable, and unlikely to solve the problems at hand. It would be a great injustice to make such a wide-sweeping decision without even consulting the leadership and members of the Greek Community so that you might receive this alternate point of view. I urge you to speak with the Greek Community leadership and hold a forum for the members of the Greek Community to give you feedback before you make any decision on this important issue.


it would be nice if people could send it in to as soon as possible. maybe i'll put up some thoughts about this next week after i'm done w/ my finals. good luck everyone!


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